Our Teams

Our wonderful Peach Blossom Festival wouldn’t be possible without our enthusiastic teams of Fresno State students who facilitate the festival each year.
Just as all your submissions are virtual, so too have our teams been virtual!
Everything in this event, from planning to web development, is being conducted over technologies like Zoom.  Below you can meet our Zoom teams which have been working hard on bringing this festival to you at home!

Video & Upload Team


Of course, this virtual festival is all about videos, and our Video/Upload team makes sure each performance is ready to go by the festival day! This team sorts all the submissions, watches the videos for content, and then creates the post for each submission.

Feedback Team


Every one of the performers in this year’s festival is a winner, and our Feedback Team makes sure that every performance gets commended on what they did well. This team also highlights the performers who went above and beyond in their submission this year.

Waiver & Registration Team


Each of the performers we feature in our posts needs to have the appropriate waivers. Our Waiver & Registration Team puts in the hard work organizing and keeping everything flowing makes sure our event goes without a hitch!

Certificates Team


For their stellar performance, every student who participates in this year’s festival will receive a downloadable certificate designed by our Certificates Team.

Comment Monitors Team


Being an online festival, we want to make sure all our viewers get a chance to tell our performers what a great job they did! Our Comment Monitor Team makes sure every comment is encouraging and adheres to our Community Guidelines.

T-Shirt Team


Along with our downloadable certificates, performers are eligible to pick up a free t-shirt to commemorate this fun occasion. Our T-Shirt Team designs the shirts, tracks orders, and coordinates the drive-thru pickup.

Community Outreach Team


A huge reason for the historic community success of the Peach Blossom Festival is our Community Outreach Team. This team reaches out to prominent members of our community to garner support and even bring in submissions from various community leaders.

Supervisory Team


This festival is unique because it is a student-organized, student-led, and student-executed event.

However, we couldn’t do it without our amazing festival directors Elise Barba & Christina Wells. They get the ball rolling by selecting our students and assembling our teams. Their insight, wisdom, and direction are so crucial to the amazing success of the student teams and the Peach Blossom Festival as a whole.

Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you!

We’re so glad to be a part of the wonderful history of Peach Blossom.

Now check out the real stars of the festival – the student performers!