The Peach Blossom Festival of Oral Interpretation began in 1959 as a joint effort between the Speech Communication and Theater Arts Departments at Fresno State.

The festival was created to excite youths about literature and performance, we well as inviting students to Fresno State’s campus. For many students, the Festival was their first exposure to any college campus and made attending college an achievable goal.

While hosted by the Department of Communication, students from all walks of campus life not only make Peach Blossom possible but also help create an amazing experience for the stars of the Festival: our valley children!

Those who choose to be on the planning committee for the Peach Blossom Festival are typically students who want to make a positive impact in the community, have a special place in their hearts for children, and/or are aspiring to become teachers for future generations.

Many Peach Blossom committee members are also Peach Blossom alumni that want to pass along the magic that they experienced as children on Fresno State’s campus.

Once the Spring semester starts, the primary point of contact will be If you have an urgent question or concern prior to the Spring semester beginning January 17, please reach out to or

We will have more points of contact beginning in Spring.

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