10 comments on ““Sick”

Stephen B. says:

Awesome job Marin! It looks like you had a lot of fun with this poem. And I loved your outfit!

Rose says:

Hey Marin, I’m Rose and I loved how confident you sound! You can really tell this was well rehearsed and memorized. I love how enthusiastic you were and your outfit is so adorable. Really great job Marin, keep up the good work!

Aisha Shami says:

Hi Marin,
Your performance was so fun to watch! I liked how you were acting out what you were saying, it really helped show what was going on in the scene. I also thought you chose a super funny poem to act out! My favorite part was when you realized that it was Saturday, so you didn’t need to pretend to be sick to skip school.

Eman Hussein says:

Outstanding performance Marin! You used so much energy throughout your poem. I was beginning to think you were really sick! I really enjoyed the body language throughout the poem. I’m glad you are ok and happy to go play! This poem was fun and made me giggle at the end. Good job Marin and thank you for your performance.

Jennifer Rosas says:

Wow! That was so amazing. I loved your energy and confidence. It was a great performance and I loved the poem you picked. It was so funny and creative. Great Job Marin!

Alyssa Garza says:

Great job! I love the energy you gave off, it really did make it enjoyable to watch you. You seemed like you put a lot of work into it and had fun doing it.

Ashley Shamblin says:

Hi Marin, this was extraordinary! Not only could I tell that you were having fun performing this piece, it was so much fun to watch! It was such a fun piece and I am glad that you were able to share it with us all. You have a great speaking voice and it was exciting to hear all the different voices you made. I really enjoyed how you made it your own! Keep up the great work, Marin!

Alex Macías says:

Love your presentation Marin keep up the good work love how you used your hands for better affect to the video.

Jasmeen Gill says:

Awesome job Marin! This seemed like a performance that took a lot of rehearsals. I loved the way you smiled throughout your performance and your confidence really showed! I absolutely enjoyed your poem, thank you for sharing!

Niki Hang says:

Good job Marin! Your performance was awesome. The use of body language was good. It seemed you rehearsed a lot and had fun while doing it, which is good. Thank you for sharing, and keep up the good work!

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