Victor E. Bulldog III

In June 2015, Fresno State welcomed Victor E. Bulldog III, whose purchase was made possible by a generous donor. Victor E. Bulldog III is cared for and owned by the Fresno State Alumni Association (FSAA). Victor E. loves peanut butter, squeaky toys, and meeting new people. He’s been known to chase Fresno State squirrels by his favorite spot on campus, the fountain. Whether he’s cheering on the Red Wave at athletic events or giving our scholarly students a pup talk, Victor E. LOVES his job!

6 comments on “Victor E. Bulldog III

Elise says:

Thanks Gina and Victor E.! Victor attends Peach Blossom every year and loves all the ear scratchies he gets from the kids. We miss him!

Jacob Geller says:

Love the story Gina, I also loved how Victor E. pays close attention while continuing to knaw on his bone.

Ryan Jones says:


Thank you so much.

How fun for all that get to watch this one.

Give Victor a treat for me.

We appreciate you both so much.

Go Dogs!!!

jalina chavez says:

Love this story Gina, I also love that you have Victor included!

Evelyn Lopez says:

Hi Gina, thanks for the story!
The big lesson in the story was to always keep going and never give up.
I love how Victor E. had his own bone.
Go Bulldogs!

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Great story Gina, we enjoyed it very much. Victor really enjoyed that bone as well he was munching away the whole time.

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