Stephanie Snyder

Stephanie Snyder is a Valley native, graduate of University of California Santa Barbara with a BA in English, and a graduate of San Joaquin College of Law. After practicing law for 12 years, Stephanie hung up her attorney hat in exchange for an administrative law judge gavel and robe. She loves reading and any sharing her love of novels, poetry, and short stories with anyone and everyone.

3 comments on “Stephanie Snyder

Ryan Jones says:


Thank you so much for participating this year.

You were wonderful!


Alexis Rodriguez says:

Stephani, that was a funny story to hear. Thank you for participating this year you did great.

Ruman says:

Hi Stephani, Thank you for sharing us a poem. this was a very lovely poem and I really liked your expression when you were delivering your speech. And I like it how you sounded like this poem was actually like it was real. I like how the girl just Burped and the whole house shocked even a volcano shocked even though at the end the girl said excuse me! This shown that even though the girl was patience. But thank you participating for this year you were wonderful!

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