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Hi Jocelyn! You did an amazing job presenting this poem. You seemed very natural in front of the camera and radiated confidence! You did a great job at enunciating your words and speaking clearly. I also particularly enjoyed the last line of your poem – it is very relevant to this past year! Thank you for sharing your poem and talent with us!

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Julia Plasencia says:

Hi Jocelyn! you did an amazing job bringing that Poem to life. Your tone of voice was great and you made the lines energetic and caused me to have a smile as well. You presented yourself with confidence and it was very noticeable in your tone. Overall I enjoyed your performance, great job!

Groovy Drew says:

Jocelyn you did a great job and really brought the poem to life with your smile!

Andres Jimenez says:

Hi Jocelyn
Your rendition of Spike Millgans “Smile” put a smile on my face. You and Spike Milligan are right, smiles are both contagious and infectious. I have never heard that poem before you read it, but it was very relatable. People need more smiles in this world. Your narration was both engaging and brought enthusiasm to the world. Great Jobs

Alyssa says:

Jocelyn I am amazed at your performance! i can tell that you had a lot of fun performing this and it made me keep wanting to watch! Spectacular Job!

Elizabeth Hernandez says:

Your smile and enthusiasm reciting this poem definitely put a smile on my face! Love your confidence, you are a natural performer, Good job!

Denise Davis says:

Jocelyn, It’s evident that you are not camera shy .you put a smile on my face : ) Love your sassiness you are a true performer at such a young age continue to dream Big and DONT FORGET TO SMILE…..

Hosanna Palafox says:

Hi Jocelyn! You did an amazing job brining the poem to life. The tone of your voice and the enthusiasm you have brought it all together. I was having a bit of a rough day before watching you perform this poem, but after watching it, you brought a smile to my face. Thank you! Keep up the great work 🙂

Cesar Rodriguez says:

Hey Jocelyn, your performance was so good. I can tell you had a lot of fun doing this video. Im sure Spike Milligan would be so proud of how you did. Amazing Job!!

Sabrina Roberts says:

You did so well! This definitely put a smile on my face(: Excellent job of keeping eye contact with the camera, you seemed very natural and confident!

Tyjah McAlister says:

Hi Jocelynn,
Wow!! You’re delivery was spectacular. Your use of tone and enthusiasm translated so well to me as an member of the audience. Keep up the good work!

Jacqueline Bella says:

Hi Jocelyn, this was a really engaging performance of this poem! I appreciate the hand gestures you used to emphasize certain parts of the poem and portray the poem for the audience. You spoke very clearly and I could hear you perfectly. I like how confident and enthusiastic you are when sharing this poem especially since it’s about smiling!

Junwei Zhang says:

Hi, Jocelyn. When you are performing, you keep your smile. You show me your great performance. Hope you can keep your smile in your life.

Justinie Yang says:

Jocelyn, you did a very amazing job! Watching your video had put a smile on my face. Thank you for your performance!

Jade Perryman says:

Hi Jocelyn,
Your smile is infectious! You did great on your performance. You could tell you practiced and rehearsed. You did a very good job!

Alyssa Garza says:

Amazing Job! I loved the enthusiasm you showed throughout the poem. You did a great job of making sure to not sound monotone.

Cassandra Viscaino says:

Hi Jocelyn! You did a great job on bringing your poem to life. Your confidence in this poem showed a lot which made your poem stand out. Great Job! 🙂

Myles Martin says:

Hey Jocelyn this is Myles and I wanted to tell you that you did a fantastic job on remembering the poem and just the topic alone can turn anyone’s frown upside down. Your mannerisms in the video could be very moving for a lot of people that just need to smile and you did a Great job displaying happiness.

Alex Macías says:

Amazing job Jocelyn love your inspiration to spend the infection it’s is great to smile. Good Job!

Lesley Ramirez says:

Hi Jocelyn! That smile of yours was very contagious! You recited the poem beautifully, great job! A great job while keeping a big contagious smile while reciting the smile poem! Keep up the great work!

Araceli Santos says:

I’m glad to say this poem brought a big smile to my face. Your smile made this poem seem so much brighter, thank you for sharing this poem it was very lovely to hear these words, and great job.

Amanda Gutierrez says:

Hi Jocelyn! I absolutely loved your performance of this poem! Not only is the poem beautiful but it spreads such a positive message that I think the world really needs right now. I couldn’t help but smile form ear to ear with your performance because your smile is infectious for sure! Great job and keep spreading that smile!

princesse sumbela says:

hello Jocelyn, I really enjoyed your presentation. your gestures, body language and your smile complimented your presentation. you did a great job art maintaining eye contact . you had good diction and I could understand you very well. I like how you shared your happiness with us on this video, your smile is indeed contagious. this is an amazing presentation and more people deserve to see this .

Andira Ferguson says:

I loved this Jocelyn! Your vibrance showed throughout your performance. You have a beautiful smile so I hope you continue to light up the world with your positivity. I was definitely smiling while watching this video.

Brandon Xiong says:

I loved your poem. I have heard this one before and I totally agree. Smiling is the best thing for anyone. You did an amazing job, it looked like you had such a fun time filming. I loved your confidence in front of the camera. Great Job!

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