Sergio Hernandez

Sergio Hernández is a Spanish teacher at Sunnyside High School. In 2016, he graduated with a Spanish B.A. from Fresno State. During his undergraduate years, he served as a soccer coach at Mendota High School and as a substitute in schools across the Central Valley.

4 comments on “Sergio Hernandez

Jasmine says:

Hola, Profe Hernandez. Thank you for your kind words filled with motivation.

Larissa Duran says:

It’s so nice to see our beautiful language, Spanish, in festivals like this, gives a great variety. Gracias por recitar el poema, esas son palabras increibles llenas de motivacion. Great job !

Kevin Resendez says:

Hello Prof Hernandez it’s nice to meet you and learn from your beautiful Spanish culture. Thank you for the motivation during these rough times of covid 19, very well spoken.

Citlalli C. says:

Hello Mr. Hernandez, I appreciate that this whole video was is Spanish. It includes a much larger audience than it would if it was in solely in English. The poem that you chose was incredibly sweet and like you said just what some people need to hear during these difficult times.

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