Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson is a three time graduate from Fresno State (BA, MA, MBA), and is currently enrolled in Fresno State’s Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. Peter has worked for his alma mater since 2002, where oversees the major gifts and planned giving fundraising for the Fresno State Alumni Association. Peter is a well known activist, mentor, and pillar within the Fresno Community and the LGBTQ+ Community. Peter is a Fresno State Top Dog Alumnus, as well as serves as Director Emeritus of Fresno Reel Pride.

3 comments on “Peter Robertson

Trent Cross says:

What a lovely story! I like snickerdoodles too!

Ryan Jones says:

Thank you Peter. Thank you for everything.

We appreciate you.

Ryan and the Peach Blossom team.

Ruman says:

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