Lennox T. Duong

Lennox T. Duong is an acting alumna from the Department of Theatre Arts at Fresno State. Upon completion of her BA she continued her performing arts education at the prestigious Juilliard School! Duong is an accomplished actress and offers this piece of advice “Be yourself, enjoy, and don’t let the thoughts of the outcome color or cloud the experience.”

4 comments on “Lennox T. Duong

Cynthia Monreal says:

This was great! intense and so relatable !

Winnie K. says:

I almost dialed 9-1-1 for you or maybe the Ghostbusters…. but I guess it’s Jackson Galaxy is who you really need. Great jobs! Love the intensity and camera shot. Wish you luck and success on your journey.

tina Vang says:

You gave me chills. I love it and I really enjoy it!

Evelyn Lopez says:

Hello Lennox, that was a wonderful act. I loved your facial expressions and the way the words rhymed. The ending made me laugh, turns out it was your cat after all! You really executed this performance beautifully. Good job!

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