Joni Hernandez

Joni Hernandez is from Riverdale, California. He graduated from Riverdale High School and later attended Fresno City College. He received his real estate license and since then has been helping Central Valley families find their perfect home.

4 comments on “Joni Hernandez

Jasmine says:

Hello, Joni. Thank you for your kind words and engourgement.

Treasure L. says:

Hi Joni! Your awesome for picking a poem that will encourage the kids. That’s very kind of you to join in and encourage all the kids. Seeing adults doing what you’re doing is great. Thank you, for being a voice of support in the children’s lives.

Ruman says:

Hello Joni, This is Ruman I really loved how you were really encouraging us about not to stop dreaming and home is home no matter if your home is into bricks. I loved this poem that you read to us this really encourages me to not to give up no matter what and just keep living. I love how you delivered this poetry wit us. This makes my heart melted and thank you to participate in peach bloom festival this really helped me become myself. This poetry is outstanding! Thank for your time.

Gianna Falco says:

Hi Joni, That was an awesome poem and it was very nice to hear the kind words!

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