Jennifer Deruosi

Jenni DeRuosi holds an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in Rhetoric and a Juris Doctorate from San Joaquin College of Law. Jenni currently practices labor and employment of law for the City of Fresno. Jenni loves her family, her dog Dino, running, and Disneyland. She is most inspired by the poetry of e.e. cummings, Phil Levine, and T.S. Eliot, fostered by her participation in Peach Blossom as a Forkner Elementary student and Bullard High School’s legendary English teacher, Bob Jarnagin.

3 comments on “Jennifer Deruosi

Ryan Jones says:


Thank you so much for participating this year.

That was another amazing Peach Blossom performance.

We look forward to you participating next year.


Ryan Jones

Elise says:

Thanks for presenting for Peach Blossom, Jenni! I participated as a kid as well, and have fond memories of nervously reciting Shel Silverstein, and reveling in the applause when I was finished. We appreciate your lifelong support of this event and hope we can welcome you back as a judge next year!

Cynthia Monreal says:

LOVE IT! i like the way you expressed the reading so vibrant so entertaining , thank you for this reading !

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