Isis De Luna

Isis De Luna is a leader in the LGBTQ+ Community. Isis De Luna is a drag queen, and host of the Drag Queen Story Hour at Spectrum Community Center. Isis is outspoken about progress, equity, anti-racism, the Indiginious experience, and community. Isis served as the 43rd Empress of the Imperial Dove Court de Fresno, Fresno’s oldest Queer Non-Profit, where she successfully raised $20,000 dollars for the local community to help with issues such as homelessness, education, and cultivating the arts.

10 comments on “Isis De Luna

Trent Cross says:


Enrique Atanacio says:

Thanks for sharing that story!

Love the dress,


Jacob Geller says:

I love this story, Isis!! Thanks for sharing.

Elise says:

Thanks so much Isis! Spectrum Story Hour is such a cool project, and Peach Blossom is very lucky to get the host herself here in her enchanted forest to present right to our students! 😀

Lo says:

Looking great. Thank you for sharing. <3

Cynthia Monreal says:

Wow! Amazing ready !! Great Story so glad to hear it and be involved ! .

Winnie K. says:

Wonderful job and wonderful book! You look beautiful by the way. Thank you for sharing your time and expanding me with this cool event. I will have to check out the Spectrum story hour.

Treasure L. says:

Isis dahling! I love that book, it is such a good story! One of my faves to read with my kids. In fact, my tween immediately knew which book you were reading as she was walking towards me. I am loving your fierce spring look and your outfit fits the Peach Blossom Festival. I will have to tune into Spectrum reading with my Scholars. We enjoy storytime and I’m sure you’ll read with the same energy that had reading today’s story. Thank you for sharing!

Lakyn Duarte says:

Beautiful performance! Thank you for being an inspiration to the LBGQT community. The giving tree is such a classic and a reminder to love and to give to others! Also you looked phenomenal. Thank you!

Janeiry Perez says:

Your makeup, hair, earrings, and outfit are outstanding.

Great face expression as you read to us! Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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