Dr. Juan Bautista

Dr. Juan Bautista is a primary care physician and community leader within the city of Fresno. Before completing his degrees at Columbia University in New York and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Bautista was first a Fresno State Bulldog where he played Division 1 football and served as a football team captain. Dr. Bautista is passionate about health, education, and community service.

6 comments on “Dr. Juan Bautista

Trent Cross says:

What a good example for our kids!

jalina chavez says:

Thank Dr. Juan Bautista for this poem such great words!!

Elise says:

Dr. Bautista,
Thank you for supporting Peach Blossom, and for selecting such an important message for the participants. Your time and effort are appreciated by so many.

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Dr. Bautista thank you for sharing this great poem it is really inspirational and it holds a lot of value. Great to see you doing amazing things as a Fresno State graduate, Go Dogs!

Gianna Falco says:

Hi Dr. Bautista, this poem was very good and very motivating. I really enjoyed the way it was worded. Thank you.

Chandeep Mann says:

Hello Dr. Bautista, I enjoyed listening to your poem. It was very well worded and sounded extremely inspirational. Thank you for supporting Peach Blossom, and for sharing such a wonderful message for everyone to hear.

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