Anna Martinez

Anna Martinez is a communication legend within the central valley. Anna is part of the communication department faculty at Clovis Community College. Anna is known for her love of performing arts, public speaking, and most importantly oral interpretation. Anna is active in the Fresno Community, and you can often find her participating in local community theatre or writing short stories.

3 comments on “Anna Martinez

Joshua Clark says:

Well, well, well — funny seeing you here! :)) I’m so glad you contributed to this year’s festival. I mean, my GOODNESS, what a stupendous performance. You’re so effortlessly emotive and expressive, which makes you so fun to watch. Also, on a personal note, this made me quite nostalgic and reminded me of when you performed “Ladybug Girl” in Comm 12, haha! Great seeing you, Anna! :))

Larissa Duran says:

I absolutely adored your performance ! I can tell your love for the performing arts just by watching this video. I really enjoyed your facial expressions and body language throughout this performance. Its almost as if you’re acting to give off every emotion/ expression in this production. Amazing.

Carson says:

Hi Anna!
Your performance was outstanding and I love Shel Silverstein. I think we have all had this feeling before when we really just don’t feel like being active or participating in our day, or carrying out duties that are necessary to fulfill. Days like these feel as if a rain check would be needed. While you were carrying out the speech and listing all the aches and pains you were feeling, I couldn’t help but fixate on the pains I was experiencing as well. Great job!

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