“Tribes – Tribus”

Elena, Brianna, Valeria, Jayleen, Allison, Joe, Mateo, Giselle, Ivann, & Berlin

Score: Stellar

Great group performance! I love the hand movements from everyone and everyone’s voices sounded confident. I can see all the hard work you put in practicing to memorize the poem. Terrific job!

7 comments on ““Tribes – Tribus”

Elise says:

WOW! This was such a cool experience! I say “experience” because that’s truly what it felt like! It was more than a recitation – you took us visually to the Great Plains with us, into a traditional Native American teepee, and all the way to the blue coasts of our beautiful nation, before colonizers ever settled here! You even spoke the language of Indigenous Peoples! I am so inspired by this! I hope you all continue to learn about and love Native Americans – they are truly the owners of this land we all love.

Suzanne says:

Tribus, Tribus, Tribus indeed! You all did an amazing job and your performance was so heartfelt—I really appreciate the translation and transition from Spanish to english. De verdad, fue una obra genial!

Francis Sandoval says:

I am so impressed by your performance! All of you did an amazing job! I can see that all of you are confident, amazing, and awesome students. ! Estoy muy orgullosa de todos ustedes!

Chinna Jewell Gregory says:

I loved the performance. I enjoyed how your group took me on a journey about the Native American Tribes. As you were talking, I felt the Religious Tribes building their Teepees with emotion and the Creative Tribes building their Teepees naturally. Through your words, and coordinated hand movements, I was able to travel with the Native American Tribes up the central coast and through the central valley. I thank you all for sharing your hardwork and dedication with me. Your group was awesome!

Jessica Pedraza says:

BRAVO! This performance was amazing! I can only imagine the hard work it took to create this performance. I enjoyed hearing the translation from English to Spanish. You all created fantastic choreography to go with the poem. Once again, amazing performance!

Claudia Hernandez says:

You all did an amazing job! The graphics really added to the performance. I am so happy to be a former SJES student and see that students are still participating in Peach Blossom! You all did a recited the poem in unison and spoke loud and clear. Great job!

Ricardo Lozada says:

This was a performance that had my attention from start to finish. It was very cool to see how your whole class did a performance together as a “Tribe” which is something that we need in today’s world, as being part of a tribe can connect to unity and understanding of one another. The use of special effects around the students also added to the performance which made it one of my favorites to witness. Overall incredible performance on everyone’s part.

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