10 comments on ““This Little Piggy”

Groovy Drew says:

This is a great modern take on “This Little Piggy” and must have taken so much coordination to perform on Zoom. Wonderful job! Save the turtles! Superrr rad!

Benny Thongsaone says:

Wow you guys did great. Thank you for the self introduction. You guys were committed to your roles and did it amazing.Everyone had a clear performance voice. Love the hand gestures and how the performance was lively. Hope you guys come back next year.

Larissa Duran says:

You guys killed this !!I loved the enthusiasm and creativity put into this. It was so great to see each and everyone of you committed and so into each of your roles. “Super Rad” haha love it ! Keep the good work guys.

Karla Silva says:

I enjoyed everyone’s efforts and enthusiasm throughout the video. Y’all played your parts amazingly. Great job on rehearsing the bit!

Marcos Calix says:

I loved the way you guys were in sync and just enjoying yourselves. Amazing performance, you guys really brought the story to life and added your twist into things. I am really glad I was able to see your act and again amazing skit on “This little piggy” super enjoyable.

Cesar Rodriguez says:

Incredible work to all of you. It’s so cool how even in today’s times you are able to have fun with friends. Your skit of the little piggy was really good. As a fellow actor I could not have been more entertained. Keep up the good work!!

Izabella Figueroa says:

You all did such a great job! I loved the energy in the video. You all did such a good job working together and creating a great performance from different places. The team work was very well performed. Thank you guys for a great performance and making me smile.

Eman Hussein says:

Wow! YOU ALL DID AMAZING! Good Job to all of you. Watching this really stands out to me because of how much emotion each one of you carries. Watching you guys perform through zoom was by far the greatest! Overcoming these challenges to watch your amazing performance was well worth it. Keep up the hard work kiddos!

Jacqueline Bella says:

Amazing job on this fun performance! I appreciate how you all introduced yourself as the characters you were going to act as in a very enthusiastic way. This is very effective in keeping your audience engaged and aware of what you are going to perform. I also liked how you all were in sync when saying “This Little Piggy”. It was a great way to tie you guys together as a group. I think your performance would be even more fun and engaging if you all had the same type of backgrounds like the two pig backgrounds! I really enjoyed watching you guys perform and it is clear to me you rehearsed and practiced for this creative performance!

Niki Hang says:

You guys killed it! You guys were committed and spoke confidently. Your performance was amazing, and everyone was enthusiastic. The teamwork and hand gesture was good. I have fun watching you guys perform “This Little Piggy.” Keep up the good job!

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