“The Truth About The Dragons Tooth”

Kenny, Raul, & Roman

Score: Spectacular

Amazing performance ! I like how you guys had energy within your presentation and were able to keep the performance exciting. I appreciate the 6ft apart and actually doing this presentation very well. Amazing job! Thank you for participating!

10 comments on ““The Truth About The Dragons Tooth”

Suzanne says:

What an awesome performance! The story was so interesting and I really am in awe of your memorization skills. I hope you all had as much fun performing as I had watching your performance—you guys did great!

Groovy Drew says:

Wow y’all are wild for this one! What a ride!

Laura T says:

Good work you three! I am impressed with how you split up your poem into different parts and sections! That was such a fun way to impersonate the different characters present in the story! Keep up the good work!

Natalie Yang says:

Amazing video! I loved the teamwork in this in order to deliver your poem. Your performance was great!

Ryan Jones says:

Good job dudes!!!

Lula Refai says:

You boys were so entertaining! I admire the amount of passion you put into your performance, and the way that you changed your voices to fit your characters made it seem very realistic! You three definitely have a bright future in acting and performing! Great job!

Oscar Vazquez says:

Good job boys! This video stood out because not only did you guys split up the poem really well ,but there was a clear distinction between the voices in the three of you which added an immersion effect , I also liked that you guys were outdoors which gave you better lighting and kept me more involved.

Deztiny Ochoa says:

All three of you did an amazing job! I also liked how you guys were 6ft apart for your safety:) It was an awesome performance that you guys put on, keep it up!

Ana S Castrejon says:

Great job Kenny, Raul, & Roman! I really wasn’t expecting that tooth prop near the end, awesome addition. You used very nice facial expressions and I loved the attitude behind your voices.

Jessica Perez says:

Hi kenny, Raul, and Roman

You guys really knew your stuff! I loved your choice of poem. You guys definitely kept my interest because you guys recited this in a fun story like manner. I found myself eager to hear the next part of the storyline. There was some great voice fluctuations I heard by all of your team members and some fun body gestures to match! Great work, and I hope to see you guys in next years Peach Blossom. Thank you for sharing.

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