4 comments on ““The Silliest Teacher”

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Ashleigh,

Awesome performance! I like how you kept eye contact to the camera and recited your poem confidently. I liked how enthusiastic you were throughout the poem. You had a great and clear performance voice. You are brave for performing alone. Keep up the great job and hope to see you next year.

Emily Graeber says:

I love your voice and performance! You did a great job characterizing the teachers voice! You had great eye contact as well which is important to have. Wonderful job and I hope to see you back next year!

Laura T says:

Great work Ashleigh! You did a great job at enunciating your words and speaking clearly. You seemed very comfortable presenting in front of the camera! I am so impressed! 🙂

Araceli Santos says:

Hey there Ashleigh, a great poem you chose to read I found it very silly as the teacher. You had me laughing in my mind thinking of a teacher actually doing all the things you mentioned. You seemed very confident while reciting the poem which is great and you did a fantastic job.

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