4 comments on ““My Puppy Likes the Water”

Hannah Ellsworth says:

Hello Sophia! I wasn’t expecting that twist at the end, what a great poem! Your performance is excellent. You have a lovely speaking voice, and it added an almost musical rhythm to your presentation. I also like the length of the poem you chose, it was like the baby bear from Goldilocks: not too short, not too long, but just right! Great job and thank you for sharing your talents!

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Sophia,

Great job on your performance. I liked how you wore your mask and are showing us how safe your are being. Even with the mask I heard you very clearly. Great job on your memerization and keeping eye contact with your audience. You are brave for performing alone. I hope you come back again next year to give us an another awesome performance.

Michael Torres says:

You had composed yourself marvelously! You were able to perform your poem with great projection and your memorization was amazing. Fantastic job Sophia!

Jasmine Moua says:

Hello Sophia, you did a great job! Your voice was clear even when you wore your mask. I’m sure you had to memorize a lot, but you did really well on remembering it. Thank you for your performance!

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