10 comments on ““My Pig Wont Let Me Watch TV”

Jacob says:

What a fun poem! Great job!

Hannah Ellsworth says:

Hello Lena! What an awesome performance! This is the first time I have ever been to the Peach Blossom Festival, and your video is the first one I’ve watched! I thought the title sounded intriguing, and I loved the way you recited it! You picked such a great poem, and your facial expressions and the rhythm of your speaking voice made it come alive. I loved the part where the “pig” tried to hang on to the remote. That was a clever addition and it made me laugh. Wonderful job!

Lorena Bernal says:

Hello Lena, that was a wonderful performance. I had to watch your performance twice because that is how awesome it was. I loved your facial expressions and I can see you performing in an arts program in the future. The way you added the skit at the end had me laughing. You really executed this performance beautifully. Good job!

Michael Torres says:

You had performed sublimely for the camera by speaking directly to it and picked a really fun poem to use! The ending can make all the difference too and you had incorporated such a great surprise for the conclusion. Excellent work Lena!

Carlie Davenport says:

Hello Lena,
Wow! You are a true performer! I think you did an amazing job reciting your lines with passion! How you used dramatic facial expressions and voice tones took your performance over the top. Your poem was funny and cute, just like you! Keep up the good work!

Izabella Figueroa says:

Hi Lena! I thought your performance was spectacular, and well chosen. It made me happy to watch! I love your expressions and energy throughout the video. You did a great job!

Jade Perryman says:

You are one funny gal! I loved watching your personality come out as you preformed. The pig noise was amazing; makes me wonder if you have a real pig. Great Job!

Guadalupe Capistran says:

Hi Lena,
I think you had such an amazing performance, it is such a fun poem. Hand gestures, tone of voice and hand gestures are good things you included in the video good job!

Emmett Brooks says:

Hi Lena. I have to say, I really love the choice that you made with this poem. You completed an amazing performance as you were able to have such strong facial expressions that really made me laugh. I would love to see more work from you someday!

Moira K says:

Hi Lena!
I loved the emotion you conveyed, and the actions that accompanied it. You did wonderfully performing it, and a bit of prop work is never a bad thing.

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