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Elise says:

Ken Nesbitt is a favorite poet of Peach Blossom! You did a great job of memorizing this and reciting it – and the punchline at the end definitely made me giggle. Great work, Jackson! We’re lucky to have you as a performer this year.

Jasmine Garza says:

Jackson, you did a great job telling the story of this poem! Cats are such funny creatures, and a flat cat would be quite a sight. Your hand gestures were creative, and you did a spectacular job.

Carly B says:

Jackson! Way to go! This poem was told very well and even had some comedic relief! Great job 🙂

Laura T says:

Hi Jackson! What a fun poem! You had great rhythm and flow to the presentation of the poem. Keep up the good work!

McKenna Brady says:

Great Job! I loved your choice of poems. It was funny, and it definitely made me smile! You spoke with great confidence, and seemed to know the poem incredibly well. You used just the right amount of hand gestures to enhance your poem without distracting from it.

Anthony Faulks says:

Great job on your poem “My Cat Is Flat” for this years Peach Blossom Festival Jackson! A lot of things are challenging when presenting, especially when it comes to telling a story. In your presentation, you did an excellent job with telling us that story as well as giving constant eye contact and projecting your voice for us all to hear. Good luck with your future presentations.

Michael Torres says:

You did a great job of incorporating actions into your poem and your memorization was spot-on! Remarkable job Jackson!

Izabella Figueroa says:

Hi Jackson! I loved the hand gestures and your performance. Even with a mask on I could tell you had great expression. Cats are my favorite and I loved this poem. Great job!

Pa Der Lo says:

Hi Jackson, this is a great performance. I like your confident voice. This is a fun poem.

Amanda Lore says:

Hi Jackson! You did such a beautiful job reciting my cat is flat! Great job memorizing all those words and coincidentally reciting them! I could never do that!

Cassandra Viscaino says:

Hi Jackson! You did an amazing job on your poem I loved it. 🙂 I liked how you incorporated movements which brought your poem to life. Great Job!

Maimoua Xiong says:

Great job, Jackson! You did a fantastic job on hand gestures and memorization! Remind of Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat.

richard gutierrez-soliz says:

Dang Jackson, that was pretty awesome. I really hope your cat is okay! Good job bud, keep it up.

Deztiny Ochoa says:

Hi Jackson you did a very good job speaking clearly and incorporating hand gestures into your poem. I really enjoyed the poem because I love cats. It was very creative, keep up the good work!

Alex Macías says:

Great job Jackson love the poem it was great to here it very good rhyming word in the poem. Good Job staying focused.

Ana S Castrejon says:

Terrific hand gestures Jackson really added emphasis to the words of the poem. You also did a great job at memorizing and reciting all of those rhyming words I honestly would have stuttered once or twice myself so the fact you did it all in one go was pretty impressive!

Luis Torres says:

I really enjoyed this presentation and the way you used movement and hand gestures to express yourself. You had a really good performance. God job!

Brianna Cazares says:

I really enjoyed hearing you recite this poem. Great job Jackson! I liked how you used hand gestures and you were very well spoken. You seemed to be very confident in your performance. You did an amazing job reciting the poem. Keep up the good work!

Alessia Anguiano says:

Hi Jackson, I think your performance was great! Your hand gestures throughout the video added a unique element to your performance and you had a lot of confidence when speaking which shines through in your video! Awesome Job!!-Alessia Anguiano

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