5 comments on ““Me and the Pencil”

Amanda Mason says:

Such a creative poem! Your voice is clear and articulate…I also love your audience of sock monkeys 🙂

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Sophia,

Great job with your performance. You had a great clear voice and I’m sure the audience( Monkeys) heard everything you performed. It was a neat poem now I will always remember this poem when I see a pencil.I hope to see you next year for another presentation.

Emily Graeber says:

Great and creative performance! You had a great tone and a strong voice! I’m sure your sock monkey audience loved it!

Rita Quiroz says:

Great job Sophia! Great performance and audience. I really enjoyed listening to your poem. My pencils will definitely remind me of this poem when I use them. I want to say, thank you for your presentation,and also for letting us be part of this years Peach Blossom.

Kevin Pranger says:

I am so proud of our daughter. What an insightful poem! You are so talented and beautiful inside and out.
Love, Daddy

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