“Click Clack Moo”

Nayeli, Itzela, Garbriella, Sirhani, Sara, & Adriana

Score: Strong

Fantastic job! You all were very interesting with your presentation. It was nice to see how all you were able to add something to the presentation which is very important. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Thanks for your participation!

4 comments on ““Click Clack Moo”

Helen Ha says:

Good job friends! We all loved this story. I know it took a lot of hard work to work together to create this. Amazing job!

Carissa Contreras says:

Leavenworth Elementary, you did an excellent job on this performance! Your props and gestures were perfect! I loved the typewriter and all of the clicks, clacks, and mooing! This story was fun and entertaining to watch! Thank you all so much for sharing your creativity!

Jade Perryman says:

You girls did an amazing job! I loved your creativity you girls had. The story was fun and your narrator was even better! Great Job girls!

Isela Padilla says:

Amazing job girls! I loved the way you girls each narrated the story. Great team work! This was a fun video to watch.

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