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Elise says:

You did a great job on this, Felipe! I totally agree with you – life is SO much better when we can share it with friends! So we must be kind, and treat others as we’d like to be treated, and we will have friends our whole life long. 🙂

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Felipe,

You did an awesome job with this presentation.I enjoyed your poem because it was about friends. It made me think of my friends and how we like the same thing. Friends are important and great to have in our lives. Thank you for this performance. I hope to see you next near.

Emily Graeber says:

Great job memorizing all of those lines! I love your confidence. Also, a great message in the poem you chose! Friends are very important! I hope to see you back performing again next year!

Michael Torres says:

Friendship is such an important part of life, just like in all the different ways that you spoke about in your poem. You had maintained a strong form, posture and I feel like your friends would also be very proud of the work you accomplished. Outstanding job Felipe!

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