“Zoom Nightmare”


Score: Spectacular

I LOVED this performance!! You did such an amazing job! You had great hand gestures and I absolutely loved the enthusiasm and energy you had during the poem! This is definitely a poem that is fitting for the last year we’ve had! I could tell you put so much effort into this and were well practiced! Thank you for sharing! You really shined

25 comments on ““Zoom Nightmare”

Anna Herrera says:

Very well performed! You can see the practice that was put in it, I loved it!

Elise says:

I can totally relate to his Zoom nightmare! You did amazing on this performance. I would love to have seen all the practice that went into this! I’m sure it’s been a work in progress for weeks!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

This zoom nightmare is really scary I have had this happen to me a couple of times as a college student. You were very dramatic in your storytelling. You made it come to life. Great job at remembering your lines and using your props. Keep up the good work and hope the zoom nightmare doesn’t happen again lol.

Adriana Moya says:

Hi Brisnian! I LOVED it! Your voice was amazing such as the way you carried your performance throughout the entire poem! You picked a fun poem with a funny ending! I was able to relate to the technology difficulties/problems that arise when it comes to zoom, I couldn’t stop laughing. Great job!

Stephanie M says:

Hi, I see that you put a lot of thought into your performers. I love the props and how you acted out your poem as you recited it. You did a wonderful job, keep it up.

Amanda Ambriz says:

Hi Brisnian! I relate to the Zoom nightmare! What a wonderful and engaging performance. I loved your introduction at the beginning! I really like how you incorporated props and movement into your performance. I can tell you worked really hard on this! You did a remarkable job, thank you for sharing!

Carly B says:

Well done Brisnian! This poem is totally relatable right now. You executed the poem with good emotion and had fun while doing it!

Enrique Atanacio says:


Any time that your computer dies is never good, Totally feel your pain.

Great energy, great use of props, and overall well done.


Courtney Logan says:

Hi, Brisnian! You did such an amazing job with this poem and performance. I can tell you practiced many times because your movements went perfectly with your poem. Even as a college student, I have the same zoom nightmare sometimes! If only computers could charge themselves, huh? Keep up the great work with your poem writing and performing.

Aisha Shami says:

Hi Brisnian!
Ugh, I totally understand having a Zoom nightmare! Even though online school can be a struggle, I am glad that you’re making light of the situation! I really liked how energetic you were the whole time and how you were able to portray all the different emotions you felt. Great job, your performance was so fun to watch!

Maxine Waldrep says:


What a stellar performance!! Your energy was so exciting, you did a wonderful job acting out different emotions. You can tell you worked really hard. Great job!

Maxine Waldrep says:


You can tell you worked really hard on this! You did a great job taking on the character. You showed a range of emotions and made great use of your space. Well Done!

Ariana Cervantes says:

Hi Brisnian! I love your performance and visuals! you did such an amazing job on memorizing this poem! Zoom nightmares are real and frustrating. I love the energy and enthusiasm that you put in your performance!

Gionvanne Corteguera says:

This was great! I feel for this kid, online school is literally a nightmare. Good execution with this poem, keep up the good work!

Melody Peer says:

I liked this performance a lot because I feel like a lot of kids who are doing online school can relate to this topic lately. You did a really good job and put effort into the poem!!!

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Thank you for sharing, you did a great job. I loved the effort and enthusiasm put into the poem as well as the visuals added. props to you well done.

Oscar Vazquez says:

Wow! I have to really applaud your video! What stood out to me was how enthusiastic and well rehearsed you were in your performance. I though that the concept of zoom nightmare was perfect because everybody can relate to having to use some sort of virtual avenue during these Covid times. Your hand gestures and props were all fitting and overall turned into a great piece.

Treasure L. says:


Thank you for that good laugh. You did an amazing job! I absolutely loved your enthusiasm. I couldn’t help but laugh at your performance because that happens in our home at least 4 times a week. It’s either the battery is dead, the charger is misplaced, Zoom doesn’t cooperate, and a number of other nightmares with Zoom. I really enjoy your poem. Thank you, Brisnian!

Gionvanne Corteguera says:

Love it! Performance was strong and really relatable. Keep up the good work!

Bianca Martinez Galicia says:

Great job on describing on how so many feel! I enjoyed this so much because even me, a college student, could relate to this! I like how you searched high and low, used props and had great energy in your voice and delivery. Great job!

Jaqueline Garcia says:

Hi Brisnian! I loved your poem and I understand the struggle all too well haha. I loved the props and how creative you got with your performance and not to mention the rymthes were everything

Claudia Hernandez says:

Great performance Brisnian! I am always on zoom so I can relate to the stress that comes with finding a charger or a stable wifi connection. I could tell you were prepared and having fun performing your poem. Great job!

Janeiry Perez says:

Knowing that I am not the only one that has had problems with Zoom makes me feel better! Thank you for sharing this fantastic video with us.

Alessia Anguiano says:

Hi Brisnian, I thought this was a hilarious poem that played on what we all have been going through this past year during the COVID-19 pandemic! Your enthusiasm added a lot to the entire performance and your ability to tell a story via video was very unique!Good job!!!-Alessia Anguiano

princesse sumbela says:

hello brisnian, you did a very good job at presenting . I enjoyed your gestures throughout the presentation. you did a great job at remembering your entire poem. you were very enthusiastic and had good volume. zoom nightmare happens to many of us , thanks for reminding us to charge our computer and to always have how charger nearby. I bet you enjoyed presenting it to us . well, I enjoyed it to .

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