“We’re Running Out of Toilet Paper”


Score: Stellar

Hi Anthony! Your poem was really good. I loved how strong you were just reciting the poem. This was really amazing and you were really engaged. I also loved your poem selection; it is very fitting for the year we’ve had! Amazing work! Thank you for your participation!

8 comments on ““We’re Running Out of Toilet Paper”

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

This one was one of my personal favorites. You did a great job by using your bathroom to find toilet paper. I think everyone a year ago can relate to this. You had great gestures, projection, and hand movements. You also did fabulous at remembering your poem. Keep up the good work and that is a nice Warrior jacket.

Violet Perez-Sandell says:

Hi Anthony! Great job on your poem selection. It was funny, engaging, and relatable. My favorite line was the ending,” I’m told I’ll have to use my baby brother’s diapers” I laughed out loud! Terrific performance and sentence flow. Keep up the good work!

Suzanne says:

This is also one of my favorites :)) You projected really well throughout your performance and I loved the hand gestures and movements to convey the emotions from your poem. I had so much fun watching your performance, I hope you had just as much fun preparing for the festival. Thanks so much for sharing your work!

Chinna Jewell Gregory says:

Anthony, I loved, loved, loved your performance! I enjoyed that you used real props for your poem. I was thoroughly impressed with your presentation. It was so realistic, I had to stop myself from checking if I was low on toilet paper ๐Ÿ™‚ Anthony you were so good, you may have a future in Performing Arts. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you next year!

Cassandra Viscaino says:

Hi Anthony I loved your poem. Great Job on making it I believe many of us were able to relate to this. The hand movements and the way that you expressed yourself made a statement on your poem. Great Job Anthony on your poem! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maricruz Lopez Alcantar says:

Awesome job Anthony! I really enjoyed watching your performance. It sure made me giggle! I love the strong and confident energy you were giving. You definitely brought your poem to life by showing you did not have any toilet paper in the bathroom. That was pretty creative and relatable! Can’t imagine your hard work in memorizing the poem plus adding hand gestures and facial expressions. Loved it, thank you for sharing your talents in the Peach Blossom Festival.

Claudia Hernandez says:

Anthony, you did such a great job and I can tell you practiced and put so much effort into your poem! The props and acting were spot on and I really enjoyed your performance! Your poem put a smile on my face!

Jaqueline Garcia says:

Anthony this was too funny and for that, I have to thank you for sharing with us! we were all able to relate to this a year ago and if nice to laugh about it now. You were very well-spoken and easy to understand and also I love that you took advantage of your bathroom and did such a great performance!

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