5 comments on ““Unstoppable”

Elise says:

Your coordinated outfits are everything! You both look like little surfer girls – Bethany would be so proud of the great telling you’ve given to her inspiring story.

Enrique Atanacio says:

Yes, all you need is possible!

Love the tie dyed sweatshirts. Cool surf board!

Well done ladies!

Jacob Geller says:

Awesome performance! Loved the choreograph moves and the story is inspiring. You both are unstoppable! Great job!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

I hope Bethany is able to see this one day. You girls did fantastic at telling her story. Your outfits were on point, your passion was evident, and that ending was so motivating. Keep being unstoppable and working hard.

Emily Maddox says:

Awesome job ladies! The matching outfits and hand gestures made your performance even more enjoyable to watch. I loved the reveal of the unstoppable shirts! I’m sure Bethany would love to hear the poem you wrote about her, great job!

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