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Samantha Magana says:

Hi Briana. You did a great job. I think this poem is perfect and very uplifting considering the struggles we all have been facing. You spoke with intelligence and compassion. Thank you for sharing your performance with us! Hope to see you back at Peach Blossom next year.

Elise says:

This was a wonderful poem selection, Brianna. I love Amanda Gorman – I hope you got to watch her speak at this year’s Inauguration Ceremony! You would have loved her message of unity and hope for us all! With young people like you, our country has a very bright future ahead. Amazing job, and amazing contribution to Peach Blossom. We’re luck to have you!

Carly B says:

What an awesome poem Brianna! Something we can all relate to. Your passion shines through!

Shania Vang says:

Brianna, I think you did a fantastic job! You were able to clearly convey the message of the poem, and help us feel connected to what you were saying. I believe you have a special skill for public speaking and I cannot wait to see you strive further. Keep going after your dreams!

Cesar Rodriguez says:

Brianna, this poem has such a positive message, and you did a very good job sharing that message with us. I hope you had a fun time making this video. 10/10 for me!!

Lizette Calderon says:

You did an amazing job!
You spoke with confidence and were passionate with every word you spoke.

Lucas D says:

Congratulations Brianna,
I was amazed that you chose such a powerful poem from a Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman. I love Amanda’s performance during President Biden’s Inauguration and your performance of Amanda’s poem was well done as well. It is important to feel united as Americans during this difficult era. I liked your face painting which drew to watch your performance. Keep up the good work.

Samantha L says:

Hello Brianna! I must say that I think you did an amazing job reciting the poem! Now more than ever, many of us need to be reminded of how unity is essential in life. I would definitely say that your message is complimented by your powerful voice! Keep up the amazing work!

Maimoua Xiong says:

Excellent poem, Brianna! This is an extraordinary poem, especially since we are facing the Covid-19 pandemic. You were able to convey the messages clearly that we are in this together.

Jenny Lewallen says:

Wonderful performance and poem selection, Brianna! Wow, that really made my day brighter. Your tone was spot on and your passion really came through in your delivery overall.

Zyrya Arellano says:

You chose a great expressive poem! You expressed th emotions portrayed super well!

Joseph says:

Wow Brianna!! I reeally enjoyed your video, you did a phenomenal job!! Keep up the great work, you did really good.

Joseph Pinheiro says:

Hello Brianna!! I loved your video. You did a great job performing your poem! I really enjoyed watching you speak.

Alexandra Carrillo says:

Brianna, you did such a phenomenal job! I loved that you picked this remarkable piece by Amanda Gorman! She is such a wonderful speaker as are you! You did such an excellent job at articulating your words and truly moving your audience. Furthermore, your star makeup was so pretty! I think it really added to your poem! Congratulations on a job well done, Brianna!

Marissa Sanchez says:

Hi Brianna! You did an amazing job at presenting your poem! I love the poem and it was easy to understand the meaning behind it! You are a very talented young lady. Congratulations on your participation in the Peach blossom Festival. Great Job!!

Rose Her says:

Hi Briana,
Thank you for choosing this poem: “United We Win” to perform for the peach blossom festival. I really liked this poem as it is what we need right now with everything going on. I know you’re going to make a big difference in the world. Keep it up and keep striving to reach all your dreams and goals. 🙂

Isela Padilla says:

Brianna, you did an amazing job!! This was a great poem to recite. I love the way you made this poem like your own through your voice. Your future is so bright!

Sara McAndrews says:

Hi Brianna:)
Your smile is very infectious! I thought you did a great job with this poem. I think it goes very well with the times we are all experiencing, especially here in the United States. I thought you face paint looked awesome and it really reflects your enthusiasm for this poem and what it represents. Very Well Done! I am sure your future is very bright!:)

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