“The Yipiyuk”

Karina, Jocelyn, Armando, & Dianna

Score: Spectacular

Such a fantastic group performance! I loved all of the hand movements and it looked like you had a great team effort from everyone! Great volume and pace from everyone! You all seemed dedicated and excited! Loved it!

9 comments on ““The Yipiyuk”

Samantha Magana says:

Awesome job John C. Martinez Elementary. You guys did a wonderful job and spoke very clear and loud. Way to work hard as a team. Thank you for allowing us into your home and for participating in this year’s festival.

Groovy Drew says:

John C. Martinez Elementary! This has me shakin’ in my boots, I hope I don’t ever run into a Yipiyuk. Great job!

Elijah Porchia says:

Good job ladies, love how unique this performance is with all four of you being engage. Very good hand gestures, good energy and overall good poem

Coleen Gray says:

Good job to all of you on this performance! Your speech is clear and your transitions between each speaker are awesome. I love the way that you’ve incorporated hand movements and gestures into your performance!

Michael Torres says:

This was superb and it was amazing to see how strongly everybody contributed from John C. Martinez Elementary to make this poem as awesome as it is! Everybody was in rhythm, were engaging and these were excellent performances from all involved.

Lizette Calderon says:

Awesome Job to all!

Your teamwork put together a great video and handgestures went great with your poem

Jessica Monroy says:

Great work to all of you; you put on a fantastic show! I really liked how you performed with hand gestures and movements. I enjoyed watching your speech because it was really straightforward. You’re really brave!

Jasmeen Gill says:

This was such an uplifting performance to watch. I really enjoyed the poem and the overall flow of it. I loved the seamless transition from one performer to the next. Awesome job to every single one you!

Alexandra Carrillo says:

Karina, Jocelyn, Armando, & Dianna, amazing job! You 100% deserve spectacular! I loved how your hand motions aligned so well with your poem as well as everyone’s contribution and passion. You all did such a wonderful job and I think you were all really able to really engage your audience by adding an individual touch to each line. Excellent performance, everyone!

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