6 comments on ““The Tyger”

Karen Fruth says:

Great job Aden! I enjoyed your selection. Your hand motions really added to the performance.

Eric Hagen says:

One of my favorite poems. Excellent job. Nice job on the performance, go Endeavor!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You did an amazing job at telling this poem. You used great hand gestures really well. You used your voice well to tell the story. You had fun telling this tyger story. You were very confident in this piece. Great job, keep it up

Sandra Hammond says:

Wow Aden! Great job! You have a radio voice and I hope you continue to enjoy reciting poetry! Very powerful ending!

Aisha Shami says:

Hi Aden,
I loved the poem you used for your performance! You were really able to portray what was going on by your hand motions, which was super fun to watch! I was also impressed by the fact that you kept a very steady voice throughout your performance, which can be hard to do when speaking.

Marianne Lord says:

I actually watched your performance when it first came out but just found out I am able to comment!
Fabulous job on your poetry reciting! I am very proud of you! 🙂

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