5 comments on ““The New Kid on the Block”

Jasmine says:

Good job, I love the teamwork! The delivery of the poem is was awesome!

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi ladies,

Great job you all did amazing! I am impressed how you were all able to recite the poem all at once and sounded like one person speaking. You guys were in sync! I am very impressed. I loved how you girls had your mask on and I was able to heard you all very clear. Hope to see another performance next year :).

Ashley Vivian says:

Great synchronization! You all were together really well. The movements you added made the poem lively and helped to develop the character of the”New Kid”. Great job and thanks for your hard work!

Samantha Magana says:

Great job ladies. It is hard to perform as a team and you guys absolutely ROCKED it. I can tell how much hard work and practice you guys put forth to make this happen and it is very appreciated. Thank you for your submission.

Desiree Esqueda says:

Hey girls! I absolutely loved the coordination in this performance your movements and voices all flowed together so well. I appreciate the hard work and practice that went into this and hope to see you perform again next year!

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