2 comments on ““The Loser”

Hannah Ellsworth says:

Eknoor, what a great poem to choose for this performance! I love that you recreated the image from Silverstein’s book with this poem, of the headless person sitting on their own head. That was cleverly done! You also did an outstanding job on the memorization. I loved the hand gestures you used, especially in the section about the eyes/mouth/ears/brain. I had a great time watching your performance, I liked it so much that I watched it three times in a row! Thank you for sharing your talents with this poem!

Madison Berube says:

This was such an awesome adventure to watch Eknoor! I can tell that you put so much time and effort into this.You were super creative with your movements and your use of props. You did a great job captivating my attention and entertaining me with the poem you had picked. The practice and images you help your audience picture makes this a wonderful presentation.

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