4 comments on ““The Fun, Cloudy, Windy Day/All Things Bright and Beautiful”

Eric Hagen says:

This brought me such joy to watch and listen to. Wow! I agree that you are a natural. Very proud of that you are a part of Endeavor!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB ON YOUR POEMS. I am so glad you wrote and performed an original poem. You are a natural performer. You had great energy, a loud powerful voice, great hand gestures. I was blown away and enjoyed watching your poem. Great job, keep up the good work and keep admiring the beauty in all the little things!!!

Sandra Hammond says:

Kael! What a great job! You added so much to these lovely poems! I look forward to hearing more of your recitations! I hope you keep writing poetry of your own too!

Marianne Lord says:

WOW, I am very impressed that you wrote your own poem! You did a great job and I hope you keep reciting poetry. 🙂

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