5 comments on ““The Crocodile’s Toothache”

Elise says:

Oh Ava, how I LOVE this performance! This was the same poem I recited a long, long, 20 years ago at Peach Blossom when I was a little kid! Can you believe it?! Don’t you think the dentist deserved what he got at the end? We better be wary of crocodiles, and treat everyone’s teeth with kindness, shouldn’t we?! 😉

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You did a good job with hand gestures. You had enthusiasm when you told the climax of the part, and we could tell you had fun picking this piece. I hope this a lesson for every crocodile to start brushing their teeth. I also hope the dentist comes back alive.

Michael Torres says:

This was an awesome poem to select and you did an amazing job reciting it. Your memorization was outstanding and your actions were superbly coordinated. Marvelous work Ava!

Patricia Soto says:

Great performance Ava, your enthusiasm and gestures really made the poem come alive! I really enjoyed watching your performance. I am sure you put so much time and effort into getting this performance just right and it shows. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and once again great job!

Angelica Morfin says:

Amazing job Ava! This performance was super entertaining and fantastically well done! I enjoyed your tone of voice for both the Crocodile and the doctor. I loved that you were expressing both characters and had hand gestures for the poem! Outstandingly you’ve recited an great poem, and with astonishing vocals! Round of applause Ava!

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