“The Creature in the Classroom”

Jonathan, Francisco, Marylou, Matthew, Eddie, Darius, Shinelle, Fernando, Nivea, Angelica, Angelina, Daniel, Jasmine, Ayden, Gabino, & Arianna

Score: Stellar

Awesome group performance! You all projected your voices, had great timing and memorization! The moves went so well with the fantastic fantasy theme of the poem! Thank you all so much for bringing your creativity to the Peach Blossom Festival!

3 comments on ““The Creature in the Classroom”

Hannah Ellsworth says:

I wish you could hear me clapping for you, what a great performance everybody! Group performances can be so tricky but I could tell that you put a lot of work into this one because it was so coordinated. The volume was perfect. I loved all of the synchronized gestures, especially the arabesque. And I think it was such a great choice to bow your heads at the end when the teacher gets gobbled up; I had to laugh when I heard that part, I wasn’t expecting that plot twist! It was so much fun to watch your performance. Fantastic job!

Lula Refai says:

Group performances are often hard to properly coordinate, but this went amazingly smooth! I could hear each and every one of your voices loud and clear, and together your voices projected such a fun story! I enjoyed every second of this performance! Great job to all of you!

Roberto Zamora says:

Outstanding performance Everyone! Well done, well done (*applause*). When I was your age, I would understand how groups were difficult to work in and get everything in order to make things look perfect. After I saw your video performance on, “The Creature in the Classroom,” I was astonished on how much effort each and every one of you put in. Especially, using your hands and arms for big gestures to represent what your talking about. Allowing storytelling to take place and give us the insight of what this creature was doing. Bravo!

Also, my favorite part was when everybody shouted, “OUT,” and pointed in onward direction.

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