“The 3 Javalinas”

Madison, Andrew, Adetmaria, Alannah, Asha, & Noah

Score: Spectacular

Leavenworth Elementary, you all gave a spectacular performance! The delivery was seamless, and everyone did their part perfectly! You were exciting, animated, and engaging! I absolutely loved this presentation and the uniqueness everyone brought to the poem! Thanks for bringing your creativity to the Peach Blossom Festival!

11 comments on ““The 3 Javalinas”

jasmine ibal says:

Amazing performance! I liked how it was in both Spanish and English.

Anna Herrera says:

This was so cool! I loved the translation from Spanish to English and then the translation amongst you all. Must have been hard work but you guys nailed it! Great job!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

YOU 6 WERE incredible. I learned some new words in Spanish and it was nice to hear the story in a new perspective. Great job you all. You all had nice uniforms, good storytelling skills, great passion, and we can tell you had fun!! keep it up

Samantha Magana says:

Way to go guys, you all did amazing. I love that incorporation of Spanish in your performance. Your hard work shows in your performance. Working well in teams is very important. Keep up the great teamwork.

Amanda Ambriz says:

AMAZING job everyone! What a wonderful way of engaging everyone and creating a community through the screen. I really like how you incorporating both English and Spanish in your performance! I love how you all had matching shirts, SUPER cool!!! I absolutely loved watching this!!

Elise says:

I love when we get performances in Spanish for our Peach Blossom Festival! The Central Valley has so many rich cultures and languages, and we ALL benefit when we get to enjoy them in art! You did a fantastic job on this, and have provided a gift to everyone who watched this video.

Andres Diaz says:

This was absolutely incredible! I really enjoyed watching this. Great job!

Violet Perez-Sandell says:

Wow, this poem was a fantastic choice for Peach Blossom! You all did an amazing job, and your hard work shows in your performances. This piece stood out to me because I remember my abuelito reading many of these short stories to my siblings and me when I was younger. Muchas gracias for sharing bilingual art! Great job!!

Zyrya Arellano says:

Hello kids! This was soo good! Your pronunciation in Spanish is so good. I also really enjoyed it because I have never heard this poem in Spanish before!

Ivonne Pulido says:

Great performance! All of you were very clear and enthusiastic . You all had wonderful hand gestures and perfect pronunciations that made the performance even more interesting to watch. I appreciate all your hard work in performing in two languages! Very well organized !

Sara McAndrews says:

This was so awesome to watch! I had never heard this version of this story. I can tell that all of you practiced a lot for this performance. It must have been difficult to work as a team over zoom but you six did an awesome job! You should be very proud. Keep up the good work!:)

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