6 comments on ““Summer Sun”

Elise says:

This is a beautiful selection, Gia. Your recitation was wonderful, and easily let me imagine I was soaking up the rays of the warm Summer Sun myself. Thank you for sharing this with us – it took courage and practice, and both are appreciated and celebrated!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You did such a great job at delivering these lines. You were very confident in your delivery. Your memory skills were really well. You had great vocals and good eye contact. Keep it up!!

Eric Hagen says:

Beautiful performance. Thank you for working so hard. Love the poem. Go Endeavor!

Sandra Hammond says:

I am soooo very proud of you Gia! You chose such a lovely poem and recited it so beautifully!

Azusena L says:

Hi Gia,
You did an amazing job with memorizing this poem! I liked how confident you were with your performance and the good energy you had throughout this performance made me want to keep watching!

Marianne Lord says:

Great job, Gia! I am very proud of you and all the hard work that went into this performance! 🙂

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