3 comments on ““Spaghetti”

Samantha Magana says:

Awe, this was so cute and made me laugh. You all did a great job on your performance and spoke clearly. Thank you guys for working hard and for being apart of the Peach Blossom Virtual Festival.

Giselle Corona says:

Hello everyone
This was a wonderful performance by all of you! I loved how you all had hand gestures made the video very fun to watch. I also loved how each and every one of you had a wonderful smile on your face! You all seemed to enjoy reciting this poem. Thank you all so much for sharing it with me!

Desiree Esqueda says:

Hey guys! I really loved this performance it definitely made me smile. My favorite part was the hand motions and facial expressions you used to show your emotions. Everyone spoke clearly and had fun with this poem. Great job and thank you for participating!

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