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Andres Jimenez says:

The use of visuals really helped the story/poem go along.

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

WOW, you are such a great trader. You went from 1 to 5. Great job on using your props to tell the story. Your voice infection went really well. You had great energy, eye contact, and you did well on memory.

Karla Silva says:

I love your poem! You have an outstanding personality that shines in each poetic line. I enjoyed your props and your engaging eye contact.

Chloe Lynnae Sanchez says:

I really enjoyed this poem! So entertaining and very funny. You did a great job speaking loud and clear, and I loved your use of props! You should feel very accomplished, Elizabeth.

Cesar Rodriguez says:

Elizabeth, first i would like to say that you have a very contagious smile. I can tell you had a lot of fun making this video, and that you really put time into it. The props were really good!!!

David Betancourt says:

Great Job! your performance was amazing. I can tell you put allot of time and effort in making your Props. It was a great addition to your performance. The visuals you used were represented at the perfect time during the poem. Amazing job Shel Silverstein was a great choice and he would be very happy with the way you performed his poem.

Kaylin Her says:

What a wonderful job! I truly loved how the visuals for this poem enchanted the performance. My family and I loved watching this video.

Maxine Waldrep says:

Shel Silverstein was my favorite poet growing up. I love your use of props to help you tell the story. You kept up really good energy throughout the whole thing. Awesome!

Justinie Yang says:

Elizabeth, what a great performance you have here! I liked how you used pieces of equipment and showed emotions in this video. Keep up the good work.

Maricruz Lopez Alcantar says:

Hi Elizabeth! I loved watching your performance and the poem you chose. Having props was so creative and a good idea to bring the poem come to life. It sure went well with the poem as well, since it was talking about money and how 1 is better than 5! Your facial expressions were amazing because it brought joy, laughter, and confidence. Great job and thank your for sharing your talents in the festival!

Jasmine Moua says:

Great job! I love how much energy you have and that you used props to tell your poem.

Maimoua Xiong says:

Excellent usage of vocal projection. The props helped the poem tell the story very well.

Katelyn Evans says:

You did such an amazing job! I could hear you loud and clear. Good job remembering everything, I can tell you worked super hard. Also I loved the hand movements and the little stick moneys you had, GREAT JOB!

Alyssa Stevens says:

Hi Elizabeth. I loved your poem! I thought you seemed very confident, high energy, and your eye contact was great through the video. Great job memorizing the poem! I loved that you used props, and how you closed your eyes when you were talking about the old man being blind. When I first clicked on your video I was intrigued to see what the props would be used for. The ending was pretty funny to me. When the father was obviously mad about the son’s trades, but the son thought it was the opposite. Overall, amazing job Elizabeth!

Carolina Leon says:

Hi, Elizabeth! That’s a beautiful poem. I liked how you used creativity to describe the poem. It’s incredible how you used images to help the audience understand the poem thoroughly. Great Job, Elizabeth!

Alessia Anguiano says:

Hi Elizabeth, I thought your performance was great you had a very good attitude throughout the whole video and your use of the props was a nice addition to your performance! Your enthusiasm really shines through in your performance! Great Job!!!-Alessia Anguiano

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