Score: Spectacular

Bravo, Delilah!! Your stage presence is amazingly creative, animated, and engaging! The gestures, props, and delivery complemented the poetry perfectly! Your performance was extraordinarily comedic and entertaining. I loved it! Thank you so very much for contributing your talents to the Peach Blossom Festival!

22 comments on ““Sick”

Amazing work, Delilah! I remember trying to get out of going to school, but my mom could alllways tell when I was fibbing. Almost like she tried the same thing when SHE was a kid…
You brought this to life!

Shalika Pilippange says:

Dear Deliah,
Congratulations on putting on a magnificent show! This performance really stands out because of how much your training and passion glow in your delivery! The props, choreography you use to accompany the poem shows a characteristic of a strong oral presentation. You brought the poem to life with your smile and delivery. Great job!

Groovy Drew says:

Delilah, I was very convinced you were sick, but maybe this poem was just SICK! Great job!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

YOU HAD MY ATTENTION AS SOON AS YOU STARTED. You did an amazing job at describing all your symptoms. I really thought you were sick until I too realized it is Saturday too. YOU DID AMAZING all around. You used your loud voice to tell the story. You had on-point body and facial features. The color of your robe made the performance pop. You CAME TO LIFE telling the piece. I am very impressed and you should be proud of your dedication.

Carly B says:

Wow Delilah! You killed this! Keep up the good work!! The acting was on point!

Laura T says:

Amazing work Delilah! This was more than just a poem – this was a performance! Great job using your body and actions to make your poem come to life!

Elijah Porchia says:

Wow what a spectacular performance there The delivery on this was more than good. It made me think that you was really sick there. Great job though.

Hannah Wagener says:

Delilah, you did such a great job. I was smiling the whole time watching you because I remember giving my mom that much drama when I wanted to stay home. Your outfit and the items you kept bringing out of your pocket was great, I could tell a lot of time went into your presentation. Thank you for making me smile.

Michael Torres says:

This was such a robust performance that incorporated many different elements; the pacing, the organization, the delivery and conclusion were all magnificent. The thermometer was even used to bring the most out of the poem! Spectacular job Delilah!

Anthony Faulks says:

Excellent job with this performance Delilah! Not only is this performance very engaging an entertaining to watch, you incorporated well-rehearsed acting skills into it as well. The hand gestures when referencing gave this performance an even clearer and fun spin. The ending created a comedic twist when suddenly you changed from “sick” to healthy after realizing it’s a weekend.

Michelle Horn says:

Well done. Your energy was great. Very funny as well. My sister did this same poem over 30 years ago…yours was 10 times better! Round of applause for the range of acting you did in just a few minutes. Just AMAZING!

Grace Gammon says:

Amazing performance Delilah! The energy in this performance kept me engaged the whole 2 minutes. The props you kept pulling out of your pocket and the outfit fir the scene and mood perfectly. I can tell a great deal of energy and creativity went into this. Lastly, I followed along very easily because of your clear, loud voice and sound effects. Great job Delilah!

Maimoua Xiong says:

Wow, fantastic job! You caught my attention the moment you start your poem! The line delivery and gesture complement so well together.

Kelly Nassar says:

Amazing Delilah!! You immediately had my attention from the very start of your performance! What a lovely delivery, with excellent prop use and such a lovely range of pitch and tone to convey different parts of the poem. I am truly impressed by your dedication to this poem, even by using a tissue and thermometer to draw attention to the words in the poem. Great job!!

Elizabeth Rivera says:

Hi Delilah, I really enjoyed watching your performance. You went the extra mile to fully deliver this poem, with your outfit and convincing your viewers that you were really sick! An outstanding job!

Bianca Martinez Galicia says:

I am in Awe of this performance! You did an excellent job! It brought me back to my school days of when I tried all of those thing you mentioned to stay home and play outside! I had the biggest smile on my face through out this performance! The tissue, the tongue talking and using the movement brought the whole thing together! Good job! 10/10!!

David Ortiz says:

Hey there Delilah! You did such a good job presenting this poem about being sick. You were very confident and presented with very funny expressions. I found the poem entertaining because it made me laugh. The ending was the best part because the “sickness” immediately went away because it was Sunday. Amazing job and I hope you enjoyed the presenting this poem.

Meleynah Gonzalez says:

Wonderful!!! You really gave us a wonderful performance and brought everything on the table. Your acting was awesome you really made being sick dramatic until you found out it was Saturday. I hope to see you perform more and more in the future.

Ceily Hepner says:


You are so amazing! You are not only an amazing poet and storyteller, you are an incredible actor as well! You’re use of acting helped captive the audience! You are stellar!

Janeiry Perez says:

I would definitely pay to see you preform! You have great control of your voice and know exactly when to use sound effects. Keep up the great work.

Taylor Allen says:

Hi Delilah,

You are a superstar! Your performance was so impressive, and your memorization skills blew me away! I think overall everything was top tier and you really put your all into it! I would give you a 10/10 for how awesome you did!

Raymond Kober says:

That was a very impressive performance! I liked the way that you used visual objects and drama to represent the poem. Very entertaining!

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