Adee, Sam, & Elie Mae

Score: Stellar

Outstanding performance, Adeline, Samuel, and Elie Mae! The Selections were very well-rehearsed, choreographed, and the costume design really gave for that historical feel. The timing was precise, and everyone did a great job at projecting their voices. Thank you all so much for contributing to the Peach Blossom Festival!

7 comments on ““Selections”

Karen Fruth says:

Great job! It was wonderful to see the three of you performing together. Your performance shows how hard you all worked. Impressive!!

Elise says:

Your costumes are fantastic! It felt like we were being told this tale by people that lived in the era of the Revolutionary War. Your timing was very well-practiced, and each of you had strong and animated oral delivery. I bet you won’t soon forget the tale of the midnight ride of Paul Revere – that’s a good history lesson! Maybe some day it will come up on a test.

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You ALL HAD THE BEST COSTUMES FOR THIS. it was like we were actually there. Very good job at memory your lines, eye contact, and telling such a great story. You three have beautiful chemistry and are hard smart. Keep it up

Eric Hagen says:

Well done, so impressed by how expressive you all were. I can tell you practiced a lot. Amazing!

Sandra Hammond says:

Wonderful job Adeline, Samuel and Ellie Mae! I always love hearing your recitations each year!

Frances Hagen says:

you were wonderful, what a long poem and you remembered your lines perfect. You should be very proud after all the hard work of learning and coordinating so well together.

Marianne says:

WOW! You all did such a FANTASTIC job with your performance! I am so impressed. I loved that the three of you did it together. So proud of you. 🙂

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