5 comments on ““Saw My Teacher on a Saturday”

Samantha Magana says:

Great group performance you guys! I loved watching this poem and laughed a lot. It took me back to my childhood for a second, I remember how crazy it was to see my teachers outside of school doing “normal” things. Thank you for all your hard work and practice.

Claudia C Martinez says:

Amazing group performance! I loved everyones energy and enthusiasm. I could tell this performance was rehearsed and well thought out.

Teresa Avila says:

WOW what an excellent group performance! You had very powerful voices that made the room bright! All of your hard work and effort really shined. I enjoyed your energy. Fantastic work!

Ashley Shamblin says:

Awesome job! I really enjoyed your choreography and how in sync you all were! I am so happy that you all were able to share this amazing experience with us. I loved the piece that you choose and I enjoyed how it is very relatable. Keep it up you guys!

Emily Maddox says:

What a great performance! I really liked the hand gestures and movements you added to the story. I can tell you practiced to get your lines and movements to sync perfectly with one another. Great work!

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