12 comments on ““Pizza”

Helen Ha says:

Amazing job! Love the use of props 🙂

Jacob Geller says:

Hi Elias, great performance! Love the pizza, I hope you got to eat pizza after this performance. Keep up the great work!

Jasmine says:

Hello Elias,

I love your poem! The pizza prop is an amazing idea. Thank you for participating in the Peach Blossom Festival.

Claudia C Martinez says:

Hi Elias, this was an outstanding performance! I love how you used actual pizza to further express your poem. I also thought the usage of real pizza gave your performance a fun visual. Thank you for being creative and energetic!

Benny Thongsaone says:

Hi Elias,

Your performance was awesome and I thought it was really creative to have pizza there with you. It made me super hungry I hope you ate some of that delicious looking pizza. I have to say you had fun with your performance and it really showed.You smiled throughout the presentation and was glad you had a lot of enthusiasm. Thank you for participting in the Peach Blossom. I hope to see you again next year and can’t wait to see what poem you will present for us. Good luck with the rest of the school yer.

Samantha Magana says:

Hi Elias. Thank you for helping me decide what is for dinner tonight, PIZZA. You spoke with a lot of excitement and clarity. I enjoyed watching you perform and I think props are always a nice touch. Thank you for allowing us to be in your home and for being a part of Peach Blossom.

Carissa Contreras says:

Elias, Your performance was fantastic! Pizza is one of my favorite foods, and I sure love how you used some hot and fresh props too! Your smile really lit up the room! Thanks for bringing your awesome poem to share at the Peach Blossom Festival!

Michael Torres says:

The pizzas, the apron, your projection, your rhythm and how clearly you spoke, everything was absolutely exquisite! Top-notch work Elias!

Carlie Davenport says:

Hello Elias,
You did a great job! I love that you had pizza for your prop, making me super hungry! I think you did an amazing job memorizing your lines and showing off a happy smile! Thank you for participating in the Peach Blossom Festival this year!

John Rogers says:

Your poem was amazing. Right, when I opened the poem I saw the 2 boxes of Pizza you had open and I became hungry. It looked amazing and I loved your hand motions. Your delivery was great and I loved your speech, it was very joyful and happy and I loved it! Also that 49ers Jersey/apron is really cool. Great Job Elias.

Marissa Sanchez says:

Elias!!! Wow good job! I love pizza and to see your performance on “Pizza” made it even better! Everything about your performance was AMAZING!! I like your props it gave the poem more Visuals! Congratulations on your participation in the peach Blossom Festival! Keep up the good work!

Andrea Gonzalez says:

Hi Elias, your poem was very entertaining. I loved your poem! From what I see, you like pizza a lot, and that is why I imagine you decided to recite a poem on this topic. Your style was very good as you chose to recite a poem with the right words that connect with the poem. Also, I recognize that your memory is really good because you remembered each of the words written in the poem. Also, your delivery was great, I feel that you connected with the entire audience. I think I’ll order a pizza right now! 🙂

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