6 comments on ““Picachu”

Samantha Magana says:

Mia, thank you for allowing us into your home this year to watch you perform your poem. I think you are a fabulous artist. I love that you incorporated drawings as visuals throughout your performance. Great job, keep up the dedication and creativity.

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

YOUR ART AND POEM SKILLS ARE SO COOOOOL. Way to go on telling this original piece. You did fantastic at telling the classic Rosses are Red poem. I have never seen it done with Pokemon, very creative. You also did a great job at using other pokemon’s names in the poem. Great job.

Michael Torres says:

As a longtime Pokemon fan, you get extra high marks from me for using Blastoise and Charizard as a part of your performance. Incorporating your drawings as a part of your poem was a brilliant idea and it turned out remarkable. Awesome job Mia!

Junwei Zhang says:

Mia, a wonderful job! I like Pokemon. Your poem catches my heart because I am a big fan of Pokemon.

Lupita Capistran says:

Hi Mia,
You did a fantastic job on this piece! I like you included drawings and visuals it was appealing to see. Good poem!

Rose Her says:

Hi Mia,
I love your poem and the drawings! You’re really great at drawing, wished I can draw like that. And I think I might have to use your use poem to my fiancé one of these days because we both grew up watching Pokémon as little kids and he will sure like to hear your poem as well. I’ll make sure to say that you are the creater of this poem and source you! 😀

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