11 comments on ““Nothing But Love and Thorns May Hurt You”

Shirley Garoutte says:

Good job! The addition of the sweet puppy for the WIN!

Elise says:

How sweet that we got to meet your sweet puppy! This never would have been possible if we’d done this event at Fresno State – I guess there’s some silver linings, aren’t there?! Amazing performance, Hannah.

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You did not one BUT TWO POEMS!!! That shows how hardworking you are. The puppy was a great prop for your first poem. Dogs are humans’ best friends. Your delivery was really good. Your transition to your second poem was smooth like butter. Overall, you went above and beyond. Keep up the hard work.

Denise Davis says:

Hannah, I love how you introduce yourself at the start or your poems good job, your tone of voice was perfect and very clear and very easy to understand. You did a good job from transitioning from one to another. Keep up the good work

Michael Torres says:

Your performance was extraordinary using the inclusion of multiple poems. You were highly composed with amazing organization, and the puppy even helped as a part of it too! Amazing work Hannah!

Lizette Calderon says:

*Round of applause*
Two great poems, and a adorable fluffy prop.
Dogs are truely humans best friends.

Keep up the good work Hannah!

Mia Daniels says:

Hello Hannah your speech was amazing! First of all your dog is so cute and well behaved. My dog would not have been able to stay still throughout that whole time! I loved how you took your time and really pronounced your words. You had lots of character and emotion throughout the entire speech! I loved how you used the dog as a prop and had him front and center he is adorable! You did an amazing job 🙂

Maimoua Xiong says:

I can tell how hardworking you are! Hannah, you did terrific jobs for citing two poems, and your puppy is adorable!

Azusena L says:

I loved your energy throughout this performance. It was very creative incorporating your dog in the first poem!

Patricia Soto says:

Hello Hannah, wonderful performance! You had a clear voice and you were very easy to hear. I enjoyed BOTH of the poems you performed. I also loved that you included your puppy in the poems, it was a perfect addition to your performances. Keep up the good work and dedication, great job!

Lena Huffmon says:

Great job, Hannah! I enjoyed listening to your poems. I know you worked hard on this. Congratulations on a job well done!

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