“Ninja Red Ridding Hood”

Madden, Preston, Sophia M., Maddy, Emmalee, Maison, Jewel, Genesis, Sophia L., Arabella, Athena, Rebecca, Caroline, Dulce- Maria, Marissa, Aayden, Adelina, Khloe, Kenzie

Score: Spectacular

What a creative group performance, you all did a great job and I can tell you all worked hard by the way everyone remembered their words. I love the choreography with all the hand gestures. This was such a fun take an a traditional story and I loved getting to hear it. Good job everyone!

10 comments on ““Ninja Red Ridding Hood”

Samantha Magana says:

Way to go Nelson Elementary! I really enjoyed watching your amazing performance. You all did such a great job and I can tell how hard you guys have been practicing. Hopefully, we get to see you all next year. Keep up the hard work and thank you for allowing us to join you in your homes and classrooms this year.

Elise says:

Wow, Nelson students! This was so fun to watch! I love that it came to life from all of your screens! You didn’t even have to be in the same room as one another for your energy and enthusiasm to burst into my living room. I could watch this again and again. Hooray – a well deserved Spectacular ranking.

Laura T says:

Amazing work!! I am so impressed with each an every one of you! Presenting a poem so in sync over zoom is very difficult but you all made it look extremely easy. Thank you for sharing your poem and talent with us all!

Madisen Ring says:

Wow Nelson Students, this was so much fun to watch! It was so great to see a class working together even when they are apart! Your class did a wonderful job telling such a fun story! I loved all the choreography that went along with the story. This story was such a great choice and your performance was so enjoyable! This performance was such a great addition to all the wonderful performances of the Peach Blossom Festival. Great Job!

Prince Thibeaux says:

Really great performance guys !! You guys are all attentive and well-spoken. Keep it up!

Andrea Rangel says:

Great Job! It was an amazing performance! Through this pandemic and these students interacting and performing poems without the pandemic being an obstacle makes them so strong and full of energy. You all have an amazing talent. Great performance!

Kelly Nassar says:

Amazing work Nelson students! I love how you all had memorized these gestures, and stayed consistent with your hand movements while each of your classmates was reciting their part. What a fun way to still participate in the Peach Blossom with your classmates! Everyone was so clear in their language, and everyone looked and sounded so prepared for their parts! I greatly enjoyed hearing this story from all of your lovely voices!

Jaqueline Garcia says:

Amazing Job Nelson Students! you guys did such a great job acting out the poem. i loved how everyone had their own part. Not to mention it was pretty in sync and very enjoyable to watch! keep up the good work!

Raymond Kober says:

Good job everyone! Having everyone do a different part and remember when to read was very impressive. You all must have worked really hard on memorizing your parts and the actions too.

Brandon Xiong says:

You all did an amazing job! I loved all the hand gesture with every different scene. Great job on remembering all your lines and making the story connect. I thought the Ninja was so funny in a red ridding hood setting. Loved all the hard work that went into this performance.

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