5 comments on ““Ninja Pigs”

Samantha Magana says:

Great group performance Leavenworth Elementary. I enjoyed watching you guys really move around and get into the script throughout your performance. The hard work you guys all put into making this performance perfect shows. Keep up the hard work guys(:

Ryan Jones says:

Hey Gang!!!

Great use of the zoom!!!

I think I need you to come teach my office some lessons!!!

Really, really impressive.

Thank you for participating,

Ryan and the Peach Blossom team.

Lula Refai says:

This was such a treat to watch! I could see the amount of rehearsal that went into executing this performance perfectly. Your voices were clear and full of character, and I absolutely loved the amount of animation in the storytelling. Keep up the amazing work!

John Rogers says:

I loved the speech Ninja Pig. Your guy’s poem was amazing and I love the hand motions that went with your poem. You guys used great expressions and your delivery was great. I really wish I could’ve watched this in person because I think it would’ve been way better. Thank you for showing your hard work and I hope I could see you guys next year at the Festival!

Oscar Vazquez says:

Hey guys you guys killed it! I think everyone matched the level of enthusiasm as their character should have had in the play, which was great.. I also really appreciated that this was a group performance, and not just a group performance but a really well rehearsed one, it flowed from start to finish and I loved the emotion , great job.

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