15 comments on ““Needles and Pins”

Samantha Magana says:

Hi Nimrat. Great source to get your poem from, I love that book. You spoke very clearly and at a speed very easy to follow along. Thank you for sharing your performance and being apart of the Peach Blossom Virtual Festival. Keep up the hard work!

Jacob Geller says:

Hi Nimrat, you did a great job, I love the hand motions and how they coordinated with the poem. Your voice sounded great. Thank you for all your hard work. Awesome performance!

Larissa says:

Hi nimrat great job on your poem I noticed that you did this without even looking at a paper so you got it memorized.well done I’ve never heard of this poem but it is great wonderful job!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

You did a great job at telling this poem. You could put a beat when you tell this story and it would sound like a fun rap song. Great job at using your voice to tell the story. You were very engaged with the poem. You had a good delivery and facial features as well. Keep it up.

Andres Diaz says:

This was a really good performance. Very well put together. I’m sure many others would enjoy watching your video. Great job!

Pa Der Lo says:

Hi Nimrat, you did an awesome job on your performance. The tone in your voice was very clear and loud which make the story enjoyable along with your hand gestures.

Jaqueline Hernandez says:

Hello Nimrat, you did an amazing job with the poem. I loved the way you used gestures and how enthusiastic you sound during your entire video. I really enjoyed watching it. Keep up the great work!

Zyrya Arellano says:

Hi Nimrat! I really enjoyed your hand gestures and how they went with what the poem was saying!

Giselle Corona says:

Hello Nirmat
Thank you for sharing this poem with me! I have never heard of this poem before it was very beautiful and the hand gestures made it so much better. Thank you for speaking clearly so everyone could understand what you were saying! Keep up the good work!

Evelyn Lopez says:

Hi Nimrat, I loved how you you got into character after introducing the book and author. Good job memorizing the poem. You did amazing!

Audrey Wilkinson says:

You did a great job with this interactive performance of “Needles and Pins”! Your voice fluctuated with emotion and punctuation, which made the poem so interesting and fun to listen to. I also really enjoyed the hand motions that you included in your performance. It further enhanced the poem and helped me follow along with the words that you were saying!

Jessica Perez says:

Hi Nimrat

I absolutely adored your performance and choice of poem. I could tell you put a good amount of effort in preparing for this day, because you spoke with confidence and kept things up beat with your voice tones, transitions, and body language. I really enjoyed watching your performance. Well done!

Alyssa says:

Loved this poem! I love how you spoke clearly, and you made eye contact with the camera which was great! That’s something that I struggle with and I’m 27! So keep doing amazing!

Raymond Kober says:

That was a really nice poem I like your choice. You did a really good job on vocalizing and looking at the virtual audience during your performance.

Anissa says:

Hello Nimrat, I enjoyed reading the poem you read and liked that you added hand motions to express what you were saying. I haven’t heard this poem by shel silverstein but have read a book by her which was the Giving Tree. I like the confidence that you had when reciting the poem and you seemed very well prepared. Hopefully next year they have a live audience because I know people would enjoy seeing your performance.

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