5 comments on ““My Robot”

Hannah Ellsworth says:

Efrain, what a great performance! Shel Silverstein is such a good choice, and you really made his poem come alive. And you were brave to choose one on the longer side because memorizing can be challenging, but you pulled it off without a hitch! I especially loved how well you switched between the two characters of the narrator and the robot, that was wonderful acting. You made them sound and behave so differently and I could imagine the whole thing. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. Wonderful job!

Ashley Vivian says:

You brought life to yourself and to the robot! It really made the poem feel more like a short skit or play. Really good job on memorizing a longer poem. You didn’t rush it and it was easy to hear the great poem you were reciting. Also, you found yourself a sassy robot, where can I find one?

Junwei Zhang says:

Hi, Efrain. A great performance. I like the robot, I think most of the males like robots. You try to make yourself as a robot and you succeed. Great job!

Jasmine Moua says:

Hello Efrain, you did an outstanding job! I love the poem that you chose. I really love how you added the robot gestures when it was the Robot talking. With your performance, I was able to imagine it. Even with your mask on, I was still able to hear you loud and clear. Thank you for your amazing performance!

Cheyanne Smith says:

You did such a great job on your poem! I loved the robot moves, they were the perfect touch. Great job on taking your time and not rushing through it. Keep up the good work!

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