“My Puppy Ate My Earbuds”

Aime, Allyson, Angel, Alejandro, Charlotte, Leonardo, Liz, Genesis

Score: Stellar

Hi I really enjoyed watching this group performance. You guys did stellar. The vocal projection was phenomenal. I also loved the props – it really took the performance to the next level! Thank you so much for participating!

6 comments on ““My Puppy Ate My Earbuds”

Elise says:

What a pesky puppy! Guess we have to keep our rooms clean so puppy can’t find our precious things to eat! Especially not our earbuds!
Your use of props was fantastic, and really enhanced this presentation. It must have taken a great deal of practice and preparation to find out which of you owned which items, so you could present the right part of this poem. You nailed it, and I’m super proud of this performance from you all!

Suzanne says:

Your group did so great!! I loved the poem and I did not expect the ending—it would be nice if a puppy did bite up homework for once xp I loved the energy from all the performers and I could definitely see how hard you all worked and practiced. What an amazing job! 🙂

Brenden Sanchez says:

Amazing!! This performance was marvelous. You all did a great job and should be proud of what you have put together. I really enjoyed the performance because every single one of you brought the poem to life. Having the different props showed that you all really thought about and practiced this performance. All of you showed emotion when it came to the different parts of the poem, you all gave so much great emotion that I was upset with you all! That puppy must have thought everything was food, other than the homework which was hilarious. Thank you for taking the time and effort in participating this year.

Jaqueline Garcia says:

I enjoyed this way too much! it made me laugh too hard hahaha! I love the use of props and how creative the kids got. we always have to keep an eye out on those crazy pups of ours!

Emily Maddox says:

What an amazing performance! I loved seeing the creative use of all the props. You all had such great energy when reading your lines. It must have taken a lot of practice to learn your lines and keep track of who speaks before you. This was such a fun poem to listen to, you should all be proud of the great performance you put together!

Araceli Santos says:

Great performance kids, you all did great with this poem. I was laughing with what the puppy does and what he chews up and it was very nice how you guys added props to go along with the poem. I’m happy to say this poem brought some laughter to me and thank you guys for sharing that puppies don’t eat homework. I might have to buy an alligator to eat my homework if my puppy won’t.

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